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Our Story

The Lil Buggers team shares a love of getting sunshine on our faces and miles under our feet every day. By reducing chemicals in our clothing, we can create healthier people and ecosystems for everyone to enjoy for generations to come.


Lil Buggers grew out of doctoral research that showed the clothing we wear can protect us from getting bit by insects, without toxic chemicals. As a result, textile technology is the foundation of this growing clothing company. We use innovative fabric designs to protect people. Our goal is to create high-quality outdoor equipment.


We are based in Somerville, MA -just outside of Boston. This allows us to combine the great technological spirit of Cambridge with the traditions of one of America’s oldest (and toughest!) cities. Our garments are handmade in small sewing shops to reduce environmental impact & optimize garment customization. We source our fabrics from American vendors to ensure top quality protection.

Lil Buggers’ Mission Statement 

Create the best products that allow people to get outdoors every day. Using  engineering principals, our aim is to reduce the environmental impact of textiles on humans and the environment.

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